Suparna supports individuals and organizations to create sustainable change.

Open doorAt Suparna, change is an art that goes to the heart of who we are and how we live in the world. 

Whether you experience stress, or perhaps simply sense that your life lacks the depth that would effectively nourish you, Suparna’s teaching programs, and private coaching and mentoring sessions, may be precisely what you are seeking. 

Expect to go deep, and to discover that lasting change is readily within your grasp.  Our “Four Foundation” system, based in an integrated body of wisdom from both East and West, is thorough, clear, and practical.

Suparna’s Four Foundations of Transformation:

  • Energy – Body transformation – Learn ways to open space and lightness in the body.
  • Clarity – Thought transformation – Learn to comfortably shift into using the mind as compassionate witness.
  • CourageEmotional transformation – Learn self-honesty about feelings, leading to inner liberation.
  • VisionSpiritual transformation – Learn to create a life plan attuned to what you most value.